Marijuana Penny Stocks

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Ticker SymbolCompany NameTechnical Analysis
ACANAmericann, Inc.Analyze Stock
ADCSNew Wave Holdings, Inc.Analyze Stock
AEGYAlternative EnergyAnalyze Stock
AEROAero Grow International, Inc.Analyze Stock
AFAIAlternative Fuels America, Inc.Analyze Stock
AFPWAlumiFuel Power Corp.Analyze Stock
AGDYAgri-Dynamics, Inc.Analyze Stock
AGTKAgriTek Holdings, Inc.  Analyze Stock
AHIIAmerican Heritage International, Inc.  Analyze Stock
AJACAja Cannafacturing Inc,Analyze Stock
ALGAAlgae International Group, IncAnalyze Stock
AMFEAmfil Technologies Inc. Analyze Stock
ANASAlternaturals, Inc.Analyze Stock
ANTBAntriabio, Inc.Analyze Stock
APRUApple Rush CompanyAnalyze Stock
AQNMAquentium Inc.Analyze Stock
AQSPAcquired Sales Corp.Analyze Stock
AQUMUrban CorpAnalyze Stock
ASKHAcquired Sales Corp.Analyze Stock
ATTBFAbatitis Bioceuticals CorpAnalyze Stock
AVNEAventura Equities Inc.Analyze Stock
AVOPAv1 Group Inc.Analyze Stock
AVTCAVT Inc.Analyze Stock
AXIMAxim Biotechnologies, Inc.Analyze Stock
AXXUAxxess Unlimited Inc.Analyze Stock
AZFLAmazonas Florestal Analyze Stock
BABLBuildablock Corp.Analyze Stock
BAYPBayport International HoldingsAnalyze Stock
BBDABebida Beverage Co.Analyze Stock
BCAPBaron Capital Enterprise
Analyze Stock
BLPGlue Line Protection Group. Inc.Analyze Stock
BRDTBreedit Corp.Analyze Stock
BRNDPremier Brands, Inc.Analyze Stock
BUCSBusiness Continuity SolutionsAnalyze Stock
CANACannabis-rx Inc.Analyze Stock
CANNAdvanced Cannabis SolutionsAnalyze Stock
CANVAdvanced Cannabis SolutionsAnalyze Stock
CARACara Therapeutics, Inc.Analyze Stock
CBCACannabis Capital Corp.Analyze Stock
CBDSCannabis Sativa Inc.Analyze Stock
CBGICannabusiness Group Inc.Analyze Stock
CBISCannabis Science Inc.Analyze Stock
CDFTCitadel Eft, Inc. Analyze Stock
CGCCCanyon Gold Corp.Analyze Stock
CGRACanyon Gold Corp.Analyze Stock
CGRWCannagrow Holdings, Inc.Analyze Stock
CHUMChumaAnalyze Stock, Inc.Analyze Stock
CLNPCleanpath Resources Corp.Analyze Stock
CNABUnited Cannabis Corp.Analyze Stock
CNBXCannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc.Analyze Stock
COGVCognitiv Inc.Analyze Stock
COLVCostal Intregrated ServicesAnalyze Stock
CPXPCoupon Express, Inc. Analyze Stock
CRWECrown Equity Holdings, Inc.Analyze Stock
CTCOCananbis Therapy Corp.Analyze Stock
CWIRCentral Wireless, Inc.Analyze Stock
CWNMCrown MarketingAnalyze Stock
CYBICybex International, Inc.Analyze Stock
CYBKCyber Kiosk Solutions, Inc.Analyze Stock
DCDCDigital Creative Development Corp.Analyze Stock
DENGDelta Entertainment Group Inc.Analyze Stock
DEWMDewmar International Bmc, Inc Analyze Stock
DGRIDutch Gold Resources, Inc.Analyze Stock
DIGPDigipathAnalyze Stock
DIRVDirect View Holdings, Inc.Analyze Stock
DNADDirect View Holdings, Inc.Analyze Stock
DSCRDiscovery Minerals Ltd.Analyze Stock
DYAPOWC Pharmaceutical ResearchAnalyze Stock
EAPHEaston Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Analyze Stock
EDXCEndexx Corp. Analyze Stock
EFFIEfftec International, Inc.Analyze Stock
ENDOEndocan Corporation Analyze Stock
ENRTEnertopia CorpAnalyze Stock
ENTIEncounter TechnologiesAnalyze Stock
ERBBTranzbyte Corp Analyze Stock
EXMTAnything Technologies Media Analyze Stock
FBCDFbc Holding, Inc.Analyze Stock
FFFCFastfunds Financial Corp.Analyze Stock
FITXCreative Edge Nutrition, Inc.Analyze Stock
FNJNFinjan Holdings, Inc. Analyze Stock
FRTDFortitude Group, Inc. Analyze Stock
FULLFull Circle Capital Corp.Analyze Stock
GARBGarb Oil & Power Corp. Analyze Stock
GDSMGold Coast Mining CorporationAnalyze Stock
GERSGreenshift Corp.Analyze Stock
GLCOGlobal Links Corp. Analyze Stock
GRNHGreengro Technologies, Inc. Analyze Stock
GRPSGold River Productions, Inc.Analyze Stock
GWPRFGw Pharmaceuticals Plc.Analyze Stock
HEMPHemp, Inc.Analyze Stock
HESGHealth Sciences Group, Inc.Analyze Stock
HFBGHall Of Fame Beverages, Inc.Analyze Stock
HMTFHome Treasure Finders, Inc. Analyze Stock
HNSSHealthnostics, Inc. Analyze Stock
HPCSHpc Pos System, Corp.Analyze Stock
HPNNHop-on, Inc. Analyze Stock
HRDNDc Brands International, Inc.Analyze Stock
HSCCHomeland Security Corp.Analyze Stock
ICBUImd Companies, Inc.Analyze Stock
IDSTIds Industries, Inc. Analyze Stock
IJJPIJJ Corp, Inc.Analyze IJJP Stock
IMCLImmunoclin CorporationAnalyze Stock
INARInternetarray, Inc.Analyze Stock
KNSCKenergy Scientific Inc.Analyze Stock
LATFLatteno Food Corp. Analyze Stock
LCTCLifeloc Technologies, Inc.Analyze Stock
LKENGreene Concepts, Inc.Analyze Stock
LVVVLivewire Ergogenics, Inc.Analyze Stock
LXRPLexaria Corp.Analyze Stock
MASPMass Petroleum, Inc.Analyze Stock
MCIGMcig, Inc.Analyze Stock
MDCNMedican EnterprisesAnalyze Stock
MDINNorthstar Global BusinessAnalyze Stock
MEDTMediatechnics Corp. Analyze Stock
MJNAMedical Marijuana, Inc. Analyze Stock
MJNEMj Holdings, Inc. Analyze Stock
MKITMedijane HoldingsAnalyze Stock
MLCGMl Capital Group Inc. Analyze Stock
MMRFMMR Global, Inc.Analyze Stock
MNTRMentor Capital, Inc.Analyze Stock
MWIPMediSwipe Inc.Analyze Stock
MYRYMyriad Interactive Media, IncAnalyze Stock
MYSKMyskin Analyze Stock
NCAPNorthsight Capital, Inc.Analyze Stock
NGMCNext Generation Energy CorpAnalyze Stock
NRBTNovus Robotics, Inc.Analyze Stock
NRTIInergetics, Inc.Analyze Stock
NTRRNeutra Corp. Analyze Stock
NVHSNevada Health Scan, Inc.Analyze Stock
NVLXNuvilex, Inc.Analyze Stock
NWPNNow CorporationAnalyze Stock
OCEENevis Capital CorpAnalyze Stock
ORGCOrganic Alliance, Inc.Analyze Stock
OSLHOSL Holdings Inc. Analyze Stock
PARSPharmos Corp.Analyze Stock
PBHGPBS Holding, Inc. Analyze Stock
PFMSPaperfree Medical SolutionsAnalyze Stock
PHOTGrowLife, Inc.Analyze Stock
PIHNPolaris International HoldingAnalyze Stock
PLPEVape Holdings, Inc.Analyze Stock
PLPLPlandai Biotechnology, Inc.Analyze Stock
PMCMPrimco Management, Inc. Analyze Stock
PMXOPMX Communities Analyze Stock
PNTVPlayers NetworkAnalyze Stock
POTGPortage Resources, Inc.Analyze Stock
PRPMProtek Capital, Inc. Analyze Stock
PUGEPuget TechnologiesAnalyze Stock
PZOOPazoo Inc.Analyze Stock
QASPQuasar Aerospace IndustriesAnalyze Stock
REFGMedical Cannabis Payment SolutionsAnalyze Stock
REVIResource Ventures Inc.Analyze Stock
RFMKRapid Fire Marketing, Inc.Analyze Stock
RIGHRightsmile, Inc. Analyze Stock
ROSVRostock Ventures Corp.Analyze Stock
SINGSinglepoint, Inc.Analyze Stock
SIPCSipp Industries, Inc.Analyze Stock
SKTOSk3 Group, Inc.Analyze Stock
SNRYSolar Energy Initiatives, Inc.Analyze Stock
SOCRSolpower Corp. Analyze Stock
SPLIAvworks Aviation Corp.Analyze Stock
SPRWFSupreme Pharmaceuticals Inc.Analyze Stock
SREHStrategic Rare Earth MetalsAnalyze Stock
STBVStrategic Global InvestmentsAnalyze Stock
STEVStevia Corp.Analyze Stock
TAUGTauriga Sciences, Inc.Analyze Stock
TEMNTeam Nation Holdings Corp.Analyze Stock
TTDZTriton Distribution SystemsAnalyze Stock
UBQUUbiquitech Software Corp.Analyze Stock
UNGSUS Natural Gas CorpAnalyze Stock
USEIUs Energy Initiatives CorporationAnalyze Stock
UTRMUnited Treatment Centers, IncAnalyze Stock
VAPEVape Holdings, Inc. Analyze Stock
VAPOVaporin Inc.Analyze Stock
VAPRVaporbrands InternationalAnalyze Stock
VGPRVega Biofuels, Inc.Analyze Stock
VMGIVerde Media Group, Inc. Analyze Stock
VPCOVapor Corp.Analyze Stock
VPERViper Networks, Inc.Analyze Stock
VRCHValuerich, Inc.Analyze Stock
VTMBVitamin Blue Analyze Stock
WBXUWebxu, Inc.Analyze Stock
WNTRWorldwide Internet Inc. Analyze Stock
WTCGW Technologies IncAnalyze Stock
WTIIWater Technologies International Inc
Analyze Stock
XTRMExtreme Biodiesel IncAnalyze Stock
XXII22nd Century GroupAnalyze Stock
ZDPYZoned Properties, Inc.Analyze Stock

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Some stock symbols represent companies that are “marijuana stocks”…corporations that are growing, cultivating, and selling both medical and recreational marijuana. Some ticker symbols are not “marijuana stocks” in the truest sense of the words, they are publicly traded companies that provide tools, equipment, and technology to businesses and consumers in the marijuana sector without ever actually handling hemp, cannabis, or marijuana. Most of the stocks are listed on the Pink Sheets and Over The Counter (OTC) stock exchanges. In other words, most of the marijuana stocks are considered highly speculative and very risky. Do your due diligence double time before you invest your money on a stock that is trading on these exchanges.

Large Cap Marijuana Stocks

Ticker SymbolCompany NameMessage BoardTechnical Analysis
ACANAmericannn, Inc.$ABBVAnalyze Stock
ABTAbbott Laboratories $ABTAnalyze Stock
ACTActavis Plc Ordinary Shares$ACTAnalyze Stock
CANVCannavest Corp.$CANVAnalyze Stock
CBDSCannabis Sativa, Inc.$CBDSAnalyze Stock
FSPMFusion Pharm, Inc. $FSPMAnalyze Stock
GWPHGW Pharmaceuticals Plc ADS$GWPHAnalyze Stock
INSYInsys Therapeutics, Inc. $INSYAnalyze Stock
MDBXMedbox, Inc.$MDBXAnalyze Stock
NKTRNektar Therapeutics$NKTRAnalyze Stock
VRXNektar Therapeutics$VRXAnalyze Stock

For our purposes, any stock trading above $5/share can be considered a large cap stock. Most large caps are not actually “marijuana stocks” but are publicly traded companies that provide tools, equipment, and technology to companies and consumers in the medical marijuana sector. Most are pharmaceutical or agricultural companies. Some, like Medbox ($MDBX) and Fusion Pharm (FSPM) are still trading on the OTC Markets. can help you begin your due diligence, but it is your task and responsibility to invest your money on any stock as “you decide for yourself”. There are plenty of suspect small cap and micro cap corporations jumping on the marijuana bandwagon. As always, be careful and perform your due diligence when investing or trading stocks.

Marijuana Stocks To Invest In

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